Dave and Anne near Banff, Canadian Rocky Mountains
Traveling Man and Gypsy Lady
Dave Krieg and Anne Kiehl

Who are we?

Past Illustrated Newsletters


Big Sur Coast

Island of Trinidad, 2006

National Parks in Utah


Baby Hummingbirds

Our Wild Animal Safari

Some CA birds and butterflies

Canadian Rockies 2004

and Canada Maritmes 2003

2009 Family Reunion

2009 Colorado Trip

Texas, 2001: Wild Hawgs  Wild Flowers
For Mature Men:
Dave's Prostate Cancer Treatment
and "Graduation Talk"

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"All Around Mexico"
6400 miles of ruins,
beaches and fun.

Baja California, Mexico, 2000:
Rock Art Trip, Text
Rock Art Pictures
Whale Watching 

Mexican Festival

Mexico's Copper Canyon, 1994

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